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Breitling for Bentley GMT Black

Breitling Breitling for Bentley

Breitling for Bentley GMT Black

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New inspiration, new horizons: the Bentley GMT is an entirely original chronograph, starting with its bold design. A genuine wrist sculpture, it has been drawn in a single sweep, seamlessly integrating the wristband into the case and thus resulting in an attractive and original asymmetrical lug design. The black rubber strap lends an extremely contemporary touch. The finely crafted dial is adorned with totalizer rims inspired by Bentley dashboards. A born traveller, the GMT brings the world to the wrist thanks to an ingenious multiple timezone display system. It is equipped with a red triangle-tipped additional hour hand performing one full turn of the dial in 24 hours. The pushpiece integrated into the left side of the case services to move the hand forwards in one-hour increments in order to display the second timezone – while distinguishing between day-time and night-time hours. The rotating inner bezel bearing the names of 24 cities provides at-a-glance readoff of the time in all zones around the globe – from New York to Bangkok, from London to Tokyo, and from Abu Dhabi to Sydney. The Bentley GMT is manufactured in steel as well as in an extremely precious red gold version. Both models are designed to be teamed with either the Speed bracelet or the GMT rubber strap exclusive to this chronograph.

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