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All about watches

Welcome to the luxxee library, where you can learn (almost) everything about what makes a luxury watch tick. Read about what parts go into a watch, the engines that run them, the different types and styles of watches, all the things watches can do, how to take care of your watch, common terms in the watch world, and more.

The different parts

The anatomy of a watch

Learn all about the parts and components that make up luxury watches, including watch cases, dials, movements and bezels.

The engines

Watch movements

A watch movement, also known as a watch caliber, is the mechanism that drives the watch. A movement is to a watch what an engine is to a car. Like car engines, there are plenty of movement varieties.

What watches can do

Watch complications

In watch terminology, a complication is any function other than telling the time. The more complications a watch has, the more difficult it is to build the mechanical movement that drives the watch.

All different kinds

Watch types

Luxury watches come in all sorts of types, from daily to dress to pilot to travel and everything in between. And choosing a watch is about more than just what you need it for.

How they look

Watch styles

Watch style is more about aesthetics than functionality. This is where shapes, colours, and materials come into play, and details like hands, hour markers, and bracelets add to the overall design of the watch.

Making them last

Watch maintenance and care

Proper maintenance is an essential part of watch ownership. So it’s important to understand the effort and costs involved in maintaining a luxury timepiece before investing in one.

What the words mean

Watch glossary

The world of watches comes with its own set of terms, some of which are self-explanatory and others . . . less so. We’ve compiled this watch glossary so you can better understand some of the jargon you’ll come across in the world of horology.